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The People Of Belief

In times, the people, the people of belief. The ones unlocking the keys to societies structure of belief, the doors come open, crashing down with firm conviction for what the story really tells, it shows us the vast knowledge and divine intervention and creation that are a part of us now.

The vast community now opening their doors to the new kindness and belief that is apparent in our world today.

 Once again, we have a chance to change the paradigm and convictions of our past and present and allow us to unleash the world of our creation onto the stage of our lives now living in this present moment. Its is divine entanglement that we require to unlock and unburden our selves from, so we are able to be at peace with ourselves and shout out to the world, we are one, we stand together, believe in yourself, believe in our collective.

 It’s time once again to grasp forth the hand of our true brothers and sisters in our universe and lively hood as we live our lives here on planet earth, as we bask in the glory and the sunrays of god given birth right to unwrap our selves as the greatest gifts we are to ourselves and to others. The gift, the magic that we are.

 Please believe it is so, for it is, so let go of the string of attachments to our old beliefs, the ones that we have all grown up believing. Lay down the swords, lay down your heavy heart, for it no longer is needed. It has never truly been needed. Yes, we have learned lessons and kept our selves safe. But the fears that have kept us in those states are no longer there, they have never been real from the perspective of our higher selves, or the source or creation. Is has been broadcast-ed as such, but it is not real.

The truth of what we really are and our true path in our world is of oneness- Its unifying the whole collective of our vastness of creation and our consciousness, that has been our driving force for us to experience all that we have in this world on this planet earth we call home.  But we really have different homes. Much more different than you could imagine. Much more beautiful, more peaceful and graceful than you have ever seen before.

This place I speak of, this kingdom if you wish. Is the place of all belonging and colliding and solidifying of our beliefs all captured and encapsulated within the quantum life force energy, the source energy, universal life force energy, or God, or creation!- our energy, the particles of energy that we truly are. The fractals of energy, the whole line of on and offs that exist in our realm of our lives and our reality; the grace, the peace, the love, the beginning and the end are all one. In one beautiful circular manner., of repeated patterns of nature, we are all one. In the mix of the matrix. We are one.  Behind the veil. We are all one. The dreams and the visions are all one. The veils are being lifted. The curtains are parting. We are seeing it all. Underneath the lies.  Is the truth. It’s the beginning and we are on the cusp of this new beginning in our world now.

 Its time to join together. Join as one. Put down the weapons and we all must speak up of this truth of our selves. We must push the frontier, into the horizon and all rise up above together, united as a species and of grace and peace. The ease of the life will be far greater than we could ever imagine. But we must first imagine this and believe this and place our belief in the grace of the god within ourselves, for we are this life force. We are the creation; we are the energy. We make all this happen, and within our beliefs we can make anything happen.

All that will and can happen need  to come from our hearts, but first we must open our hearts and truly listen to what we really want in our lives. We must really decide what we truly desire in this lifetime now. We must go in and take a deep look into this. What can we really imagine and want? Peace. Love abundance.

Once we have decided and chosen and opened up to now, we must believe in this. We must believe in the will of the ways. Our deepest desires and greatest dreams that will enrich us and allow us to continue to live in peace and abundance moving into the world that we all can live in together. We must believe and have such strong convictions and we must believe in one another.

 We must look upon our brothers and sisters and believe. We must allow our hearts to open and blend together. And look up into the light and capture it within the being and beliefs of our hearts and our wills.  This will be what is required to create a powerful shift in the beginning of our heart open awareness, where anything is possible, and we can believe it so.

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