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Revelations By Kesara Arts

Author: Christine “Kesara” Dennett

So drawn to you.  Delving deep into your dimensions.  Opening into an extraordinary and highly organized light structure of portals and passageways.  

There is a complex event happening within your “Realms” of communication and healing.  It is an expansion of what is.  

To take the past into the moment and expand it. 

To receive the future and expand it.

That is the best way for me to explain what I am seeing.

Three appear to me as Divine Light Beings that have been assisting you for a while in linking light waves from one being to another.  The series of avenues and channels in which you share your services to others along with the “Three Divine Trinity” is  expanding.  Therefore your senses and receptivity is also expanding within a quantum field of Light.

You are so gifted.  You can integrate information and also healing in one interactive space.  This is astounding.  I see that your reaches into the dimensions and outer space is also going further.  How you anchor this most advanced matrix of energies to Earth frequencies is a gift.  

The presence of Divine Eternal Light surrounds you and moves with your directions.  There is a very deep and sympathetic trust the Divine entities have with you.  You are so important to them.  The Three Divine Trinity is just the ones that help in integrating the energies coming through for healing and tutelage.  There are more spiritual beings with you also, functioning in various services.

I am seeing the body and mind adapting to this change in energetic transference.  Moving the jaw forward and relaxing the back of the eyes and ears seen to open up a portal in the Energy Bodies. There is an Orb of light within the center of your Bodies of Energy.  The Orb is a mechanism that translate and transform what is sent to you by others and the Divine beings.  

So much is received and translated that at times there is a kind of catching up happening with the World.  The others that you work with, clients, are catching up.  The results of healing are structurally alarming with so much at once.  Opening up the channels can help.

There is a joining of many forces together swirling to bring about healing and revelation.  Through the understanding of this process of healing and sharing information clarity starts to take place.  

From the still dense matter of structured stagnation shoots out a light bursting breaking up the stillness and creating activity in others.  Your gifts of lighting up others is increasing.  There is definitely a permanent glow expanding in your Center.

The real true essence of your higher Divine purpose is anchoring into you.  Right now at the moments passing from now to the next moment you are becoming one with your Divine immortal being.

The forms of contact and individual channels are also expanding.  The abstraction of what they are and their way of exchange is enlightening.  So many fibers and structures are changing shape in this space.  The love and compassion they all have fills your Spirit.  All of them want to be of service.

The Light Path that you take is so important.  You are not alone, there is an entourage that follows and helps you along with everyone within your orbit. I do not know if you believe in the healings of the Mother Mary, but I feel that kind of energy with you.  The extreme faith and absolute knowing of the Divine.  It is a very female energy that heals from you and the protective shield that surrounds you is huge.  A high frequency light so peaceful and pure.

Seeing all of this reveals and definite change in the your perception and intuition.  What use to be the norm is not now.  There is so much more to what you are understanding in your experiences with the realms that you work with. Others will understand your process, and some will not.  It has to do with integrating the higher events that are now happening on Earth.  Some need to catch up energetically.  They will eventually.

Light workers, channeler, and healers are experiencing this fluctuation of activity.  There are some symptoms to what is happening but that will pass.  Certain degree of acclamation naturally occurs with these events.  Understanding that as life moves so does evolution.  The way your gifts now serve you is on a higher a more complex level.  The healing that takes place seems to reach out into other dimensions and synchronistic events.  It as though you heal more than one individual but all that individual is connected in the matrix of their soul.     

Like a ball room full of people dancing the same dance, moving together to the same music, it is so elevating.  Becoming one with each other through motion of energy.  You can orchestrate this kind of joining.  

You circle of influence is expanding and what a wonderful blessing that is.   

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