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Melissa Downard is the spiritual force behind True Beings of Light Intuitive Healing. A Master of several modalities of energy healing, Melissa came to energy healing by way of the medical world and she still has one foot in each camp.  Melissa is highly empathic, using her natural sympathetic nature to tap into the spiritual world to help with her healing treatments.  Her personal motto has always been “Be Yourself,” but she has really come to embody this over the last few years as she developed her spiritual education. She is also developing herself as a public speaker and doing live channelings on stage in front of an audience.

Join me as I guide you and help you launch into 2024 as a professional influencer!

I will help you find your superpower or many powers that are ready to show themselves to you and watch the magic begin.

When working with me I will provide you the tools needed to allow yourself to dig in deep and uncover your true potential. We are now stepping into new times which is why you need to stand out and embrace this new platform we are living in. I can help you seize the moment and empower you in how you show up as your true authentic self

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