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Opening Up To The Unimaginable

Your spirit guides and loved ones are with you every day and they would like to assist you on your spiritual path and awakening.

Open up your heart to the unimaginable. Not just in a way or form of distraction in your hours of being awake, of you going about your day, but a way to set intentions and to be.  To be witness to the present moment in your lives, the love you have for yourselves and others. Family and friends!

  Heart opening awareness that we are all connected, we are all love, we are of a consciousness far greater then we could ever imagine. This is something we can incorporate into a feeling of gratitude for everyday living, meditation practices, expand our awareness to our connection to the divine, our true source, our true selves.

 When reaching out to divine universal guidance, to provide a message of hope to you all, this is what I received.

 To be or to begin, this is the pattern of many lightworkers of how they too began their work in the etheric field, the quantum field of connectivity. With great confidence, we can share in our heart’s connections and the wonders that we all have. In divine guidance we come in the many forms of the ways of the mystical and magical tales.

 Through your dreams, in your waking hours, in your times of contemplation and decision making. We come to you in sadness when you are shedding tears for the loss of your loved ones. We come and provide comfort, direction, guidance when you have reached that fork in the road and you’re not quite sure which way to go.  On the days when you just feel you have nothing left to give. We are with you when you feel you are alone!

 We come to you when you are gazing up at the stars and the moon and other worldly planets, when you could be feeling that connection to a far-off place that may be your home.  We are with you in your joyous occasion and celebrations, we raise a glass with you, we share in the birthdays and the blowing out the candles.

 Do you know we are always with you? When you see that flicker of light or feel that gentle breeze across your face. When you are paying attention, do you find dimes and feathers? These are signs we leave you that are meant to offer encouragement to let you know we are close, you are not alone, and you are on the right path.

 To others we show up in your dreams and show you your true self, your divineness and your connection to us all, the creator, the source, universal life force energy, the white Christ light, or to some it can be God.

 While propelling your life forward and inward, we make the connections that you call synchronicities. This is the strings of hope and peace, the bonds of light, we are all connected to within ourselves and one another.

We are all here together, we are one, we are love and we are all striving to find our way back home, within the divineness, our true purpose on this planet earth we call home.  The existence of this form of energy that we are all made of- the light- Go beyond the wave forms in the light passages of time and space. They reach the quantum level that we all come from in our universe and back in to our hearts once again.

  This energy and matter keep moving and flowing within the vibrations and frequencies of our experiences, our beliefs, and our hearts. When you feel good, this is when your vibrations are high. When you are feeling ill or weak, your frequencies are lower.  Keeping your own belief systems of yourselves in check is important in attracting what you want in your lives.

 When you can feel this, and you remember to love yourself every day, you are able to embrace the feeling of gratitude, and release judgement upon others. The abundance that you all can extend and expand  in your lives will bring forth the true riches into your life of health , wealth , true purpose and  belonging in this vast world we live in.

 True peace and hope are what we wish to bestow upon you now, and our wish is for you to pass this message along. Share this love and light in the world. We must keep this flame of light going around to everyone we meet in our lives. For this is our true purpose here within our lives on this planet earth we call home!

Much love and Always in the light!             

Melissa Downard                             

Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Essenian Assistant Healer, Writer, Speaker, Registered Practical Nurse

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