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Meet Our Meditation Coaches

At True Beings of Light Intuitive Healing, we have a team of experienced and compassionate meditation coaches who are dedicated to helping you connect with your inner self. Our coaches have extensive knowledge and expertise in various meditation techniques and are here to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Jane Smith

Intuitive Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Jane Smith is a certified meditation coach, intuitive coach, and Reiki practitioner. With over 10 years of experience, Jane has helped many clients achieve spiritual growth and transformation. She is dedicated to helping you connect with your loved ones, spirit guides, and angels to receive messages and guidance from the spiritual realm.

John Doe

Mindfulness Coach & Meditation Teacher

John Doe is a highly skilled mindfulness coach and meditation teacher with a passion for helping others find inner peace and balance. With over 15 years of experience, John has developed a unique approach to meditation that combines mindfulness, breathing techniques, and visualization to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation and clarity of mind.

Emily Green

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Channeler

Emily Green is a gifted psychic medium and spiritual channeler with the ability to connect with the spiritual realm and receive messages from your loved ones who have passed on. With Emily's guidance, you can gain insight into your past, present, and future and receive guidance from your spirit guides and angels.

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